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Remy Cooper

Remy Borsboom, also known as Remy Cooper, is a Dutch record producer and musician. He now has many collaborations to his name. For example, he worked with Clara Mae on the popular track "Afterglow", he produced a remix for the track "Like I Love You" by Lost Frequencies and he worked for international artists such as Watermät, Zeeba and Tez Cadey. The tracks that he released on labels such as Armada (Deep), Found Frequencies, Monthly Hits Records and The Bearded Man have been streamed millions of times worldwide.
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Brad Cane

Brad Cane (Bram Joosten) is an electronic music producer from the Netherlands. Born on February 24, 1999, in Holland, he started producing at the age of 13. After a couple of years, he developed his producing skills and went on an audition at the Rock Academy, a professional music school in Tilburg. Although he only was seventeen, he went to the audition and was selected to enter the new school year in 2016.
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Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca is a production & writers collective, consisting of Steve Cherry, Brad Cane & Remy Cooper. After living with each other in a producer house, the three decided to make music together for fun. Quickly, they noticed a click and complementing features in the writing process. Now, they form a strong production and songwriting collective with a focus on writing hits in collaboration with other artists.
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Studio Trooper

The creation of music is the central purpose of Trooper Music. Our focus and expertise lies closest to electronic, dance and pop but we’re open to other sounds and projects too. With good speakers and a fully treated acoustic room, it creates a clear and realistic image of the sound. Besides the acoustic quality, the studio is designed to enhance creativity and workflow with its great design. The hardware instruments give a playful experience which can be used in the writing process.

With the top notch recording gear, we focus on recording vocals, guitar and small percussion. Other instruments can be recorded in MIDI.

Studio Trooper is located in the MOOOF building in The Hague (NL). MOOOF is the place where new and existing initiatives in the field of dance, sports, music and exercise come together. This is where groups, individuals, organizations, and (starting) entrepreneurs find their place. MOOOF is brimming with vitality and energy, and you can feel it too.


Moog Sub37
Fender Player Stratocaster
Ableton Push 2
Arturia Keystep 37
Washburn Acoustic Guitar
Fazley Electric Bass
Roland F-110 Digital Piano
CDJ 850 (2x) & DJM700


Focal Alpha 65 Set
Avantone Pro Active Mixcube Set
Subpac S2
Antelope Audio Discrete 4
Antelope Audio Edge Duo Microphone
TC Electronic Clarity M
Softube Console 1 Fader
Klark Teknik 2A-KT
Warm Audio WA73
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (ADAT)
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
Tascam DR-40 V2 Audio Recorder
Alesis 3630 Compressor


Ableton Live 10
Waves Bundle
Fabfilter Bundle
iZotope 9 Bundle
Arturia Bundle
Antelope Audio Bundle
Softube Bundle
Soundtoys Bundle
Native Instruments Bundle
And many more!